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  • BIG 5


    At Studio Zhe, we believe each number has its own personality based on the shape and forms of that number. For our second collection, the SEXY 5(۵) Collection, we decided to work on an exotic form of the number five in the Farsi language. The number five is an interesting form because you can see the beautiful and sexy shape of the human body in it and at the same time, if you turn it upside-down, it turns into a heart shape and its mean Read more

  • Fashion, Passion and Inspiration

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    The pace of fashion has always been so high and great designers around the world are presenting new designs every day.

    These designs and styles are based on inspirations designers find from almost everything. But not all of these styles survive in fashion. Some of them may taken up with great enthusiasm but it is only for a brief period of time; a craze and it Read more

  • An Iranian Mural in San Francisco

    A Persian Mural In San Francisco - یک نقشی‌ دیواری آشنا در یکی‌ از کوچه‌های سانفرانسیسکو

    ... I recently passed by a familiar mural on a San Francisco wall!... Can you name the faces in the mural?

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    Love and lovers are two of the most important factors in Persian culture and Farsi literature. In the design of 'Love In A Circle', we combined a 13th century love poem with the smoothness of Persian gilding in the shape of a circle, which has always been a symbol of holy things, such as the moon, sun and earth. This fascinating combination inspired by amazing curves and sounds of Farsi (Persian) calligraphy, along with Persian motives in the Persian gildin Read more



    Word of East

    Over the past few years, many English speakers have been interested in becoming fluent in the Arabic and Persian (Farsi) languages. Even though these two beautiful languages share the same alphabet and typefaces, there are many differences in between.  Being Persian, art and beauty is the center of our circle at Studio Zhe and we want to share with you some of these differences.As one o Read more

  • The Persian calligraphy legend


    Mohammad Ehsai – (Born 1939)

    Mohammad Ehsai is one of the most reknowned calligraphers of Iran’s contemporary art. He is one of the most famous innovators of his style, which is Read more

  • Persian-VersionOnce You Go Persian, There's No Other Version!

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  • Love in a circle, New design by Studio Zhe for women


    "Love in a circle" for women is inspired by a love poem from Farsi (Persian) literature. The elegant design and textile of this limited edition T-shirt, is a unique gift for your valentine.

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  • Farsi Alphabet Statues exclusively on Studio Zhe

    Farsi Alphabet Status

    Farsi Alphabet Statues exclusively on Studio Zhe

    We are honored to have Farsi Alphabet Statue Collection designed by Omid Majidinejad in the house. This collection is including limited edition furniture Status, fully handmade and inspired by Farsi (Persian) Alphabet. These statues was successfully showcased in an individual exhibition in one of the prestigious galler Read more


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