The pace of new trends in the fashion industry has always been so fast and dynamic. Fashion designers around the world showcase new designs every day, and the next day something new comes around.
These designs and styles are based on inspirations designers find from almost everything. But not all of these styles survive in fashion. Some of them may be taken up with great enthusiasm, but it is only for a brief period; a craze and it is called fad in fashion. On the other hand, there are some designs, which evolves into a relatively permanent change and become an iconic trend in fashion.

Inspiration is an essential element in fashion design. Designers are traveling and browsing all over the world to find great inspiration, and having a great inspiration is what makes a design remarkable and help it to become a trend rather than a fad.

Designers are always inspired by different objects and events surrounding them, from a painting masterpiece to a scene in the street. For instance, for many of us homeless are just some people living on the street with a completely diverse type of life. We see them on the road, passing by them with a feeling of sadness and pity and help them with some change or food here and there. But a couple of years ago a homeless in China changed the fashion world enormously. It all started when a photo of a man named Xi Li Ge wondering in the streets of Ningbo that was taken by an amateur photographer was all over the Internet. Later on, he was known as brother sharp, and he became an icon in fashion due to the unique taste he had in layering and many designs were seen on the runways for men’s fall/winter collections in the upcoming fashion shows such as D&G.

Beside this essential factor or it is better to say, threats of the world today is air pollution. Too many people nothing harmless can come out of this issue but, At the Shanghai Fashion week 2014, Blackstone’s collection provided a palette of multi-functional pieces to equip urban nomads and enable them to survive in the city or escape it quickly.

Also, since we are living in a very high tech era, digital technology is inspiring many fashion designers as well. Therefore digital prints and Geometric Color Blocking are the new trends that we can see on many collections such as Givenchy, Talbot Runhof and Alberta Ferretti Pre Autumn/Winter 2014/2015.

Hermes one of the luxurious brands in the fashion world surprised everyone with its fall 2014 collection that was inspired by Persian rugs. Persian rugs are one of the most precious crafts of Iran. Every carpet consists of beautiful patterns with different themes, and they are made in different parts of Iran. The most famous and expensive rugs belong to a city named TABRIZ that was the inspiration for this great collection of Hermes.
The goal of all of the designers is not only to design a piece of the garment but also to create an art piece inspired by every little fact of our lives.